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Home of the European legion Valetudo, playing on the server Perento.

Merging with Heresy

Krille, Mar 9, 10 10:34 PM.
Today we merged with Heresy, Valetudo is no more.

New website:

Valetudo going for S grade.

Krille, Mar 1, 10 7:40 PM.
Today we made our first attempt on S grade.

54% then nasty reflect shield.

Video by Persepha:

A Grade still on farm status

Krille, Feb 20, 10 8:21 PM.
Old news but new website, A grade is still on farm status :)

Siel's Eastern Taken!

Krille, Feb 20, 10 12:54 PM.
Once again good joob and thanks for the participation!

Asteria Taken!

Krille, Feb 20, 10 12:41 PM.
Good Job and thanks to everyone who participated in the fort capture!

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